Life In the World Unseen - Anthony Borgia

Life in the World Unseen gives one of the most comprehensive accounts ever of what follows physical death. Received through the clairaudient mediumship of Anthony Borgia, the communicator was an old friend, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, son of a former Archbishop of Canterbury. 

In this absorbing volume, Monsignor Benson covers such subjects as Homes of Rest, Halls of Learning, spirit-world flowers and soil, recreation, the children’s sphere and occupations along with a host of other vital topics. 

“We have the most glorious flowers here ... always in bloom.”

“We have no traffic, and our roads are covered with the thickest and greenest of grass, as soft to the feet as a bed of fresh moss.” 

“We could see scores of the most wonderful birds, whose plumage presented a riot of colour.” 

“Stretching before us was the wide stream of a river, looking calm, peaceful and overwhelmingly lovely as the heavenly sun touched every tiny wave with a myriad tints and tones. Occupying a central position in the view, and upon the right bank of the river, was a spacious terrace built to the water’s edge. It seemed to be composed of the most delicate alabaster. A broad flight of steps led to the most magnificent building that the mind could ever contemplate. “