Life after death: Living proof


Tom, born into a Spiritualist family, in 1918, has experienced psychic phenomena from an early age. His mother, Minnie, had developed her natural mediumistic gifts from childhood. In 1946 as one of the original members of their weekly Home Circle in Middlesbrough, with his mother as the medium, he witnessed the breathtakingly unique and rapid progress of the Physical phenomena. As well as other forms of Phenomena, over the next seven years more than 1,500 ectoplasmic materialised Spirit people were witnessed, greeted and embraced by the Circle and their scores of visitors, to whom was proved the reality of Life After Death. 

During his life Tom moved from industry into running a restaurant, with his family, which then led to being appointed as the Founder Manager of The Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Science at Stansted. Moving back into business he also started travelling the country to tell people abotit the things he had seen and encourage them to persevere with their Circles and the search for Truth. Tom and Ann met in 1993 and as well as working closely together for his talks throughout the United Kingdom they have been able to sit again in similar Physical Circles’ in the homes of fiends and in their own home in the 1990s.

Now living in Spain they continue their work to spread the knowledge of communication with the Spirit world and with the help of rapid advances in technology bring you this revised and updated version of Tom’s book.

Reader Reviews

Excellent Book

This is an excellent book a must read for anyone interested in physical phenomena. A story of love, family, friendship and dedication over a number of years. The photographs are thought provoking and certainly of their time and limited technology but they do give at least an impression of what went on. There's extra value for money as Mr Harrison also gives some reasonably up-to-date material from the Alexander circle in the last chapters. Highly recommended

Highly Recommended 

This book 'Life After Death: Living Proof' is such an amazing read. The late Tom Harrison has left us a remarkable record of the physical phenomena and materialisations of his mother Minnie Harrison. The attention to detail and his sincerity make this book a must read for anyone interested in these subjects. I have read many books on this subject, but this one must surely be one of the best available. Read it and make up your own mind.