Judith Seaman - Trance Mediumship

In ancient times Shaman and tribal elders etc., used the altered states of consciousness to consult with their ancestors for spiritual and life guidance. To induce the trance state they very often used various hallucinogenic drugs, also chanting or even repetitive movement such as trance dance (e.g. whirling dervishes). 

With the advent of modem spiritualism mediums have learned how to allow the spirit world to induce a natural trance state as opposed to being artificially imposed through outside influences. Judith Seaman is a trance medium. From an early age her spirit friends were able to naturally induce the altered state of consciousness which we call trance mediumship. Over many years her spirit mentors and friends have worked in an increasingly closer co-operation with her, thus introducing into her life their wisdom, understanding and sensitivity, and through public demonstrations of trance mediumship have shared this knowledge with thousands of people. 

This book is a simple and honest view of trance mediumship, combining the author’s knowledge alongside that of her spirit guides. Many of Judith’s public demonstrations include the opportunity for the audience to ask questions of the spirit intelligence, and this book draws heavily upon their answers. In order that you can share in this living experience we have included with this book an audio recording of one such demonstration. You can not only read and learn, but also listen to the voices of the guiding intelligence which the ancient ones sought throughout all ages, and still speak in our world today.

Reader Reviews

Best book on trance ever!

This book has been written by someone who has based their knowledge not upon reading other books, but on personal experience. Judith Seaman is a former President of The Spiritualists' National Union and is currently a Vice-President. She has many years of experience in all aspects of mediumship, and is known as a trance medium of exceptional ability.
This book not only draws its information from personal experience but also from the author's spirit guides. Questions are put to them during public demonstrations and their answers give an insight into the minds of people who have gone on before us.
This book also includes an audio CD of a trance demonstration of about 80 minutes duration.