I come to the garden

For over fifty years the Reverend Dorothy Graff Flexer demonstrated the unique gift of Trumpet Mediumship. The voices of the departed and Master Teachers were once again heard in the mortal world. Dorothy and her husband Or Russell Flexer devoted their lives to the spiritual community that they founded and which still flourishes at Sarasota Florida. 

Trained by Ethel Post Parish at Camp Silver Belle Dorothy became a noted teacher and medium associated with the camp for 28 years. 

The Flexers had a vision of how the study of mediumship. Christian teaching and spiritual texts could enrich the life of the individual. Every week the members could experience demonstrations of extraordinary mediumistic phenomena. Conversations with the dead. as well as discussions with the angel messengers of God were there to help the individual grow and develop. The vision of Reverend Dorothy and Or Russell was of a new of religion. “Metaphysical Christianity” which would appeal to reason and understanding. The new religious community would practice right living. healing and an understanding of Spiritual Law. The Pastors as Mediums led by example in order to cultivate the spiritual consciousness and psychically empower the members. Metaphysical Christianity held no doctrines or dogma. no punishment and no avenging God. The Deity. Son and Angels were loving beings who wanted to help humanity. Spiritual Law when understood was a tool of abundance. a guide to joy and the realisation of life. 

Reverend Dorothy and Or Russell’s vision for you is explored in this living legacy of their work. This story shows how the Flexers’ path grew and how it can help you to enrich your spiritual and psychic gifts. This book can teach you how to live in the abundance that the Father intends for you and how to grow spiritually and psychically in service of others.