Great Moments of Modern Mediumship Vol II

Great Moments of Modern Mediumship: Volume 2 follows on where Great Moments of Modern Mediumship: Volume I left off. Categorized by subject (such as Apports, Absent Healing, Private Trance Sittings, etc.), this book records a further 190 moments and references the sources. 

Here you will find the only recorded case of Direct Voice mediumship in a prison in which a mother talks to her son on Death Row, through the mediumship of Rev. Florence Harwood Becker; the return of Mary Eddy Baker through the automatic writing of Ursula Roberts; and the eminent researcher, Dr Funk, speaking through the trance mediumship of Emily French. 

She includes more about Cora Scott-Richmond's phenomenal trance speaking as well as new sections on Andrew Jackson Davis, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Precipitated Spirit Painting and Psychic Photography! And so much more! 

Maxine Meilleur, a former Officer in the U.S. Army and veteran of Operation Desert Storm, holds a Master's degree in Religion from Harvard and is the author/ compiler of both these books Great Moments of Modern Mediumship: Volume I & II. She is a classically trained evidential medium, and considers what she does a sacred service, and her life's duty, using the•tools she has acquired to enhance life and unfold the spirit of those who come to her.