From Christian to Spiritualist a Lyceum Publication by Molly Biggin

A little book written initially by Aunty Molly Biggin and lovingly typed by her daughter Heather Finch. It tells the story of how Molly met and married her husband Jim Biggin and her subsequent move from orthodoxy to Spiritualism.

The story is important because it describes the transition from belief to knowledge. Jim Biggin became interested in the Lyceum and was a wonderful worker within that movement. Molly, his wife, was equally well known as Auntie Molly writing in the Banner, and working on the Lyceum Central Committee. As their  children came along and grew they were encouraged to join in and they all had lots of adventures.

Molly describes the proofs they had and the way that Spirit became ever more important in their lives.  Sadly Molly passed on and Jim went on to continue to bring joy to many people. He was Lauded by the Spiritualists National Union, and the Spiritualists Lyceum Union. His last duty was to offer the prayer at the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the SNU at Glasgow at the grand of age of 96. He went to re-join his lovely wife Molly in 2020, quietly and peacefully attended by his family who have graciously allowed us to share in this wonderful journey. Heather typed the story up hoping that it would be of value to someone.