Beyond Reasonable Doubt - Trevor Davey

Beyond Reasonable Doubt is a journey through the many facets of spiritual understanding and the various ways the Spirit Realms interact with the Physical Realms. 

The aim of this book is not only to provide information and guidance (without being dictatorial or promoting a particular way of thinking) but also to generate ideas and thoughts for students of Spiritual Understanding to consider in their investigations. 

Everyone is entitled to think in their own way and to question, discuss and change their minds as they progress in their particular Path of Discovery. 

The contents include the different ways that people of various (or non) Spiritualist and Spiritism organisations promote their ways of thinking and their understanding.

This book looks at some of the many forms of spirit communication that are accepted and may lead to questions to be clarified and answered.

It is also designed to assist researchers by providing them with necessary and valuable background information that should be known by all trainee mediums, speakers and those who are already giving their services on behalf of Spirit. 

The overall objective is to provide a great deal of information in a straightforward manner, endeavouring to promote further investigations, as each and every one progresses at their own pace and requirement.