Beyond Reasonable Doubt - Gordon Smith

Beyond Reasonable Doubt presents events that modern science cannot satisfactorily explain, many of them with multiple witnesses. Gordon Smith draws on the history of Spiritualism, going back to its beginnings in the mid-nineteenth-century, great mediums of the past, some of whom were his mentors and also his own extraordinary experiences: 

The spectacular levitations of Scottish medium D.D. Hume, investigated and found not to be fraudulent by leading scientists of the day.  

The ectoplasm emanating from medium Helen Duncan - and Gordon’s own experience of similar phenomena.  

The astonishingly accurate information that deceased servicemen were able to give Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding, head of Fighter Command in the Battle of Britain.

Above all, the burden of proof in this book lies in extraordinarily detailed information that mediums have given the bereaved, information which could not possibly have come anywhere except from the departed, so that those left behind have the comfort of knowing their loved ones are still with them.

Gordon Smith is the medium’s medium whose outstanding gifts are recognised by prominent sceptics and which have been tested in laboratory conditions at Glasgow University, with astonishing results. But usually when we try to assess the claims of psychics and mediums or evidence of supernatural phenomena we are examining events taking place outside the controlled conditions of the scientific laboratory. In this new book Gordon Smith argues that the most suitable standards we can apply when trying to decide whether or not it is reasonable to believe such claims are the same standards we usually use to assess disputes in human affairs -the standards of the law court.

As a leading medium Gordon Smith is part of an ‘apostolic succession’ of mediums that goes back through famous mediums like Albert Best, Helen Duncan and DD Hume to the start of Spiritualism in America in the mid-nineteenth century. In this book he examines the historical evidence, admitting fraud where he finds it, but showing that great weight of testimony proves the reality of these supernatural and spiritual phenomena ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

As leading barrister Maria Ahern writes in her foreword: ‘I have assessed the evidence in this book. Just as I would in a trial. There is credible evidence from various unconnected sources all giving evidence that points the same way. The evidence has been collated by a credible source; Gordon Smith is widely acknowledged as a gifted medium and has provided many with evidence of one of life’s great unanswered questions’. She advises the reader: ‘Look at the evidence, assess it fairly, allow for any sensible and appropriate doubt and reach your verdict’.

It was right at that moment that a voice spoke from near the ceiling, saying, ‘Sam’. The three of us looked up at that point and then back at one another in amazement as a red rose raised itself up from a vase of flowers on the table between us and seemed to hover for maybe two or three seconds before dropping in front of the lady sitting directly opposite me. There was a moment of total quiet as we all took in what had just happened, and then the son laughed out loud and said, ‘That was Dad, wasn’t it?’ I could only agree.

GORDON SMITH is a world-renowned medium, who travels the world offering his unique abilities to thousands of people in need. Gordon never charges for his spiritual readings. He has written numerous spiritual bestsellers about his work and now runs mediumship workshops and events across the globe.