Ronald J. Baker replaced Richard Ellidge as General Secretary of the SNU and also resided at Standsted Hall. He was a popular figure at the college as a fine speaker and demonstrator and participated on the numerous courses.

Ron, former Roman Catholic, was destined for priesthood, he was the sixth of seven children and was born in Birmingham in May 1936. Ron also suffered from diabetes. It was at St. Helen's Spiritualist Church, Lancashire that a simple one-word message was given to him - "sugar". A urine test confirmed he had diabetes mellitus, which meant self-administering insulin injections.

In 1972 Ron joined the SNU as a full-time officer responsible for administration and finance, then becoming the General Secretary. Ron resigned his General Secretary's post in August 1976.

A Minister of the Union, Ron died in December 1987 at the age of 50.

Ron was very interested in the aura and would produce auragraphs on Arthur Findlay College Courses; some of these are in the museum at Stansted Hall today.

He wrote a number of small booklets on various subjects, e.g astral projection and the aura.