Born on 12th August 1849 in the bakers shop sandwiched between the Black Horse and the Queen’s Head public houses (the bakery and the Queen’s Head were owned by his father-in-law, Joseph Patch) in the small English town of Hinckley. Robert James Lees was to become a prominent medium in the Victorian era, with high-profile clients such as Queen Victoria, who summoned him to the palace following the death of Prince Albert.

Lees was a born clairvoyant and at the age of fourteen became a trance medium, by 1869 he was known as a ‘boy medium’ in and around Birmingham.

He held a number of seances for the Queen between 1863 and 1865. He passed to spirit in January 1931.

Birth: 12th Aug 1849, Bond Street, Hinckley

Death: 11th Jan 1931, 120 Fosse Road, Leicester

Burial: 17th Jan 1931, Score Cemetry, Ifracombe.

Occupation: Compositor, sub-editor, correspondent, school lecturer, Congregational Minister.

In later life he was also a well-known healing medium.