Community Action

Volunteers power Spiritualism, and as an outward looking religion it means the wider community benefits from the action of these dedicated people. Here we see how homeless people have been supported.... Read more

Product Focus: 21st Century View of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism

A new way of thinking about the seven principles by Minister Barry Oates, a short but engaging book detailing Barry's own views on the Principles of SNU Spiritualism. Read more

An SNU Almoner

Did you know that the SNU has an Almoner? Do you know what this involves? We recently met up with Minister Marian Bishop, who holds this position in the Union, to find out more about this crucial role. Read more


Meet Simon, who survived one of the worst natural disasters in recent times, and went on to discover the potential of Spiritualism to change lives. Read more


Meet Rachel Casson, a world water ski champion in the 1990s. Discover how her spirituality blossomed after embracing Spiritualism. Read more


Lorna tells us how Spiritual Healing and Spiritualist thinking helped her to cope with a second traumatic incident in her life. Read more