The teachings of Spiritualism, and our Seven Principles, remind us of our responsibility to self, others, and the world we live in. As we see the planet move further into a climate crisis, and widespread inequality and injustice, we are urged to act.

To mark World Environment Day, and the need to support a #GenerationRestoration we are launching a monthly online gathering to discuss social justice issues from a Spiritualist perspective, and to identify actions that will further enact Spiritualist principles and values on an individual and collective level. There is no single answer, and working for change is an ongoing process. Therefore themes will be revisited to evaluate and develop progress, including in our "Green Summit" for Spiritualists which will occur online in November 2021 during the COP26 meeting.

The first online gathering will be on:

Wednesday June 9th, 7pm (UK)

Zoom Meeting ID 970 1279 2397

Please join us! Success depends on all of us!