April 2022

Covid-19 restrictions across the UK relating to places of worship have now been lifted. Churches in #England, #Wales #Scotlnad and #NorthernIreland no longer have any of the previous restrictions, including the mandate for face coverings, and social distancing.

Although restrictions have been removed, there is still a high rate of Covid-19 infection throughout the UK. This continues to be a risk to some vulnerable people, and unvaccinated people. All churches can continue to mitigate the risks of the spread of the coronavirus by using the strategies that we are all now familiar with. These include:

  • Encouraging the regular use of hand sanitiser or hand washing.
  • Maintaining good hygiene in the building, including regular cleaning of touch points (door handles, light switches etc.)
  • Ensuring that spaces are well ventilated by opening windows and doors to provide a good airflow.
  • Letting visitors to your building know that they are welcome to wear a face covering if they wish to.
  • Risk assessing new activities and applying mitigations (e.g. spacing out seating in a circle.)

There will still be individuals who are anxious about returning to communal activities, so holding conversations with them will allow churches to understand their concerns, and to reassure them of the measures you have put in place.

Please make sure that you, your committee and your church volunteers are familiar with information about reducing the risk of transmission of the virus. Bear in mind that there is much disinformation on social media platforms and the internet around the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 which is at best useless, and at worst harmful. You can find reliable information in the following places:

For any further information, please contact us.