Inter Faith Week is an important event in the Spiritualist calendar. As members of the Inter Faith Network (IFN) we recognise the value of shared experience, and the potential that exists in learning about different perspectives. Many of our churches have established links with their local interfaith groups, and are finding it to be a positive experience. For example, Rawtenstall SNU Church who will be attending again a local interfaith event this week...

Inter Faith Week is a great opportunity for people to come together, learn about people in their communities, and make common cause together. Such actions are a powerful antidote to language of division and to prejudice (Co-Chairs of the Inter Faith Network for the UK, Jatinder Singh Birdi and the Rt Revd Jonathan Clark )

At the start of Inter Faith Week, Minister David Bruton will stand alongside other leaders of some of the larger religions in the UK at the national Remembrance Ceremony help in London at the Cenotaph. This is a time when representatives of many religions come together to pay respect to those soldiers and civilians of many faiths and beliefs.

The Second Principle of Spiritualism, the Brotherhood of Man, reminds us of the brother and sister-hood of all people on this planet. Whilst there are many different faiths and beliefs, we understand as Spiritualist that we are all part of one spiritual family within God. It is this philosophical basis that enables Spiritualists to find a connection with others. To make a connection with activities this week, ask at your local Spiritualist church or use the following links:

Over the next week we will be posting on our social media channels to celebrate Inter Faith Week (use the social media buttons at the top of this page). We begin here by sharing an article from the current edition of our members' magazine, SNU Today, with an account of her talk and experience at our Annual General Meeting by Doctor Maureen Sier, director of Interfaith Scotland. Maureen is a member of the Bahá'í Faith, and her inspiring words were a highlight of our Sunday activities in Glasgow, highlighting that we all have shared experiences in common.

Download the article (PDF)