Demonstrations of evidential mediumship are commonplace in Spiritualism, but why not demonstrations of a different form of mediumship…. Healing? Here, Minster Steven Upton reflects on his healing demonstration during the Arthur Findlay College Open Week 2018 and how he took inspiration from one of our movement’s pioneering healers. Those present, including representatives of the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary,  will recall how spirit provided information to quickly and accurately find their patient and the change in energy during the demonstration. 

Over the years I have been reluctant to read books about healing, as I have always wanted to develop and teach through personal experience and not by imitation. However, I do like reading biographies. After reading the Ray Branch biography of Harry Edwards I was so inspired by his public healing demonstrations that I decided I would like to do one.

Since the passing of Harry in 1976 virtually all public demonstrations had been confined to communicating mediumship. The more I thought about how you would do a healing demonstration, the more I realised why no one was doing them. There were a number of problems that needed to be solved, such as how do you find the right patient in a room that may contain hundreds of people? If you ask for volunteers you get fifty hands. Also, how do you measure change?

After finding a solution to each problem it was time to see if it would work. I contacted a number of Spiritualist churches and they kindly allowed me to practise on their members. Over a period of a couple of years I established an ability to hold the audience’s attention and at the same time allow the spirit operators to create very quick healing effects on a number of physical conditions.

Fast forward to May 2018 and Open Week at the Arthur Findlay College. I was asked to do a healing demonstration, to which I agreed. It was then decided we would do this as a tribute to Harry Edwards and try to copy an aspect of his demonstrations.

The main difference between us is that I always work on my own, whilst Harry had a number of other healing mediums on the platform with him. Whilst they were not actually touching the patient they were acting in a distant healing capacity. The Stansted Healing Group, along with other SNU accredited HMs who were at the College at the time, were invited to form a semi-circle on the platform, creating a space in the middle for me to work. I have to confess that, never having done this before and so used to working on my own, I was a little sceptical that it would make any difference.

Come Saturday evening we had an audience of over one hundred people in the sanctuary and about twenty healing mediums forming a semi-circle around the platform. We even had a letter from Harry’s daughter, which was read out at the start.

As I write this, some three months after the event, it is very difficult to remember any individual patient or healing effect. This is due to the state of mind I am in at the time. Whilst I am not in a trance state, my mind feels like it is split into three parts, each doing its own job. One part (the most important) is holding a link with the spirit healers; another is psychically linked to the patient; and the third is talking to the audience to keep their attention. I am so focused on this that I always have a very poor memory after the event.

What is clear to me is the very powerful feeling of being surrounded by a power that I have never experienced before. I am convinced that this was due to the addition of the other mediums who surrounded me. It felt like I was at the focus of an extraordinary power, one that comes from God. I was so moved by this ‘divine experience’ at the end I was unable to speak clearly, and had to ask someone else to bring the evening to a close.

Harry may have passed to the higher life many years ago but I felt his presence that evening and he is still influencing our healing mission to this day.

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