What is the census?

The National Census is a survey that will take place on March 21st 2021 to collect statistics from every household in England, Wales & Northern Ireland (Scotland's census will be in 2022). It has an optional section to collect information about an individual's faith / religion.

Why does it matter to Spiritualist?

In the 2011 census 39,061 described their religion as “Spiritualism.” By identifying yourself as a Spiritualist on the census, you are raising the profile and visibility of Spiritualism, ensuring that we are more likely to be considered in decisions and actions made by the government and national and local bodies, and properly recognised by the media. It also helps to amplify the voice of Spiritualism (of all kinds), raising it's profile, spreading the word and demonstrating that we are a valid religion.

It is important to clearly use the term "Spiritualism." In the 2011 census 13,832 described their religion as “Spiritual.” It is a possibility that some Spiritualists are among this number, but the term is vague and will not help to "Make Spiritualism Count!" While all households are obliged to complete the form, the section on religion is optional, so please don't overlook it.

What you can do as a Spiritualist

When your household receives your census form ahead of March 21st 2021 (paper or online) you will find the option to identify your religion. While there may be a list of religions to select, "Spiritualist" will not be on the list. However, where you see the following sections (depending on which country you live in) you can write "Spiritualism"

Q: “What is your religion?” (England and Wales)

Respond after: “Any other religion, write in” 

Q: “What religion, religious denomination or body do you belong to?” (Northern Ireland)

Respond after: “Other, write in” 


Thank you for your support in this, and for helping to...


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