Jessie Greenwood (1860 - 1958, first lady President of the SNU 1923-25.

She was one of the first to apply for SNU certification as an exponent and demonstrator in 1904. She is also listed in the first batch of SNU Ministers, circa 1938.

Her husband William was the first Honorary Treasurer of the SNU and William and Jessie were the founders of Hebden Bridge Spiritualist Society in 1903.

Jessie seems to have been the first in most things, even as first woman magistrate. A quote from Two worlds, 1921:

"The congratulations of her many friends will be extended to Mrs Jessie Greenwood, of Hebden Bridge, on the honour conferred upon her as the first woman magistrate to be appointed in her division of the West Riding. The Hebden Bridge press agrees that no wiser choice could have been made.

"Mrs Greenwood was for many years on the Executive Council of the British Spiritualists' Lyceum Union, she being the first lady to obtain that dignity. She was also the first lady to occupy the Presidential chair of the same body. For Many years she has also been on the council of the SNU and had much to do with its success in its early years of struggle.

"She is a remarkably fine trance medium, and has taken the public platform from one end of the country to the other, her kindly and sympathetic presentation of our philosophy exciting general approbation."