Photograph of Jean BassettJean Bassett was a woman of great character, with quick wit, prowess and incisiveness as an assessor, mastery of words and an ability to be inspired and inspire others with her philosophy.

She was absolutely magnificent in these roles for the SNU. She ran Fledglings Class at Wimbledon Spiritualist Church in about 1974 and became a Councillor, and eventually President of the West London District Council.

She worked alongside her husband Bob, undertaking experimental mediumship at churches for about three years, founded by Owen Potts and carried on by John Lawrence.

Jean became a Director of the London Headquarters Fund for the West London District Council.

As a Minister, she worked on the Ministers Accreditation Committee as an assessor, then became a member of the National Executive Committee as Chairman of Publicity, where she organised the SNU Centenary celebrations at Wembley.

Jean was involved with a number of SNU Committees; she was Chairman of the Training & Awards Committee and a member of the Education committee. She worked at the Arthur Findlay College, mostly on London and German weeks.

Her fellowship was awarded for her book, 'On the Side of Angels', the life story of Gordan Higginson. It is believed that Gordan had said to Jean that he would die shortly after it was completed and in fact he died three days after the proofs were approved.

Jean Bassett - one of the Twentieth century's great Spiritualist pioneers.