For Spiritualists around the globe the 31st March marks the anniversary of the founding of our religion, based upon the events in Hydesville USA which unfolded for the Fox sisters and the phenomena they experienced through their direct contact with the spirit world.

At this time it is good to reflect on the dedication and efforts of literally thousands of Spiritualists over the intervening 170 years and perhaps most importantly their intent to build something meaningful which would help humankind and shape a more caring and spiritually inspired world.

Emma Hardinge Britten, one of our most well-known pioneers, said of Spiritualism: “Spiritualism is not a religion - it is religion per se. It has no fixed creed and is not binding upon any human soul that is not convinced of its truth by sufficient evidence. It may be in harmony with many religions, writings or laws of science but is independent of all these, emerging by virtue of spiritual laws, absolute and true, whether man understands them or not.”

Our ever changing world presents so many new challenges, almost on a daily basis. From the firm foundations and achievements of the past and the resolve of our pioneers to make a difference, let us pray that our resolve is equally strong and resilient, and that our efforts shape the future of Spiritualism today to build a stronger, inclusive, more caring and inspiring religion for everyone.

 ‘Happy Hydesville Day!’

 Minister David R Bruton