Harry Edwards

Harry Edwards was probably the most sought-after healing medium of the 20th century and was well-known for his absent healing. The following is an absent healing exercise using a photograph of the patient: 

Absent healing is initiated by intent: the intent of the healing medium to help someone. This desire to be of service will set into motion the absent healing process. 

Hold a photograph of the intended patient and look at the person; allow your mind to become still and passive. There is no need to concentrate or try to will them to get better; just remain calm and passive. 

Very shortly you should feel a gentle but steadily rising power. As you become increasingly aware of this energy, you may start to feel some of the patient’s symptoms. This effect will only last for a few minutes and then, as the power fades away, the session is over. 

You can now glue the picture into a scrapbook for safekeeping. There is no need to go back to the picture each day, for once the process has been started it is in the hands of God and the spirit doctors. 

Another absent healing method that can be used if you do not have a photograph is that of simple prayer. Just talk to God and ask for healing for those in need.