DSNU(G) - Administration

A candidate must hold the CSNU(g), have completed education course G3 with a grade B pass or higher. They will be issued with a logbook that contains the information required for the award including training information on the pre-FAB training sessions required to complete the criteria.

The Final Assessment Board is arranged by EEcom. A candidate must complete an oral test of ten questions based on the courses studied and knowledge of the SNU. The candidate will also take part in an interview session, where they will be required to answer media-orientated questions in a succinct and accurate manner. The candidate will also submit to the secretary of EEcom, no less than three weeks before the date of their FAB, a motion chosen by the candidate suitable to be placed on the agenda of the SNU AGM, including the note of explanation to the motion. Such motion to be validated by the General Purposes Committee (GPC) prior to the board. At the FAB the candidate will propose and speak to the motion as if at an SNU AGM.

Previous study required: G3 Course & CSNU in Administration

Registration Fee: £50.00

Final Assessment Fee: £40.00