After a two year closure of the College The Fund of Benevolence is delighted to announce the return of Senior Citizens Week to the AFC.

Numbers are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment!

We invite those of you who are convinced of the truths of Spiritualism and are now of mature years but are still agile in intellect and also in appreciation of matters which are beyond the norm.

You do not have to be academics to enjoy what we offer in the way of our tutors but who by their experience and ability will guarantee for all a wonderful time together.

Be prepared to learn and listen and also to join in a week full of happiness.

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This course is organised by the Fund of Benevolence to enquire or book please email Linda Walker directly

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Minister Val Williams

Val Williams was born into a mediumistic family, both her grandmother and great grandmother being mediums. Val has worked professionally as a medium since 1984 – she hears, senses and knows the communicators from the Spirit world and frequently her recipients say they recognise personality traits of their loved ones, as well as applauding her for her evidence.

Since 1987 Val has worked in many European countries, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, as well as Australia, Canada and the USA. She also works extensively in the British Isles, serving churches, and working in larger venues taking her mediumship to the masses. for charity purposes, as well as tutoring students during seminars.

Her demonstrations have been televised in the USA, Canada, Denmark and she has broadcasted on radio, as a confident and competent communicator, Val demonstrates her gifts, providing strong and effective evidence.


Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship & Public speaking)

SNU Certificates of Recognition:

Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship & Public speaking)

SNU Tutor


Libby Clark OSNU


Libby has been aware of the Spirit world from being a small child, and a working Medium from seventeen years old.From her first visit to a Spiritualist church at sixteen, she felt at home and it was for her a very natural to develop her mediumship and spirituality.

In those early days, she was guided by some of the UK’s finest mediums; Gordon Higginson, Glynn Edwards, Robin Stevens, Jean Bassett and Violet Edwards, to name just a few. They all worked at Beaconsfield Street Spiritualist Church in Nottingham. After the services and workshops, there was always time to socialise and ask questions, and Libby had lots of questions!

For almost forty years she has worked as a Spiritualist Medium, travelling the length and breadth of the UK. She gained a great deal of experience and a higher profile within the Spiritualist movement serving Spiritualist Churches groups, organizations and private individuals, undertaking Church services, demonstrations of Mediumship, private sittings, workshops, seminars and teaching groups.

Certificates of Recognition:

Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)
Public Speaking
SNU Tutor


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