SNU AGM UPDATE - Change of date and venue...

The SNU has taken advice and guidance from the Charity Commission, Companies House and our professional advisors and the following steps have been agreed:

The AGM due to be held at the Holiday Inn in Norwich is to be cancelled with immediate effect. All deposits and payments received from members to date will be automatically returned; there is no need to apply.

The invitation from Norwich Church to host the AGM will be transferred to the 2021 AGM.

Our constitution requires that we hold an AGM within fifteen months of the last meeting date; we have explored the possibility of cancelling the meeting completely, holding a meeting via the internet, and all these options have been rejected.

We have agreed that for this year, 2020, the AGM of the Spiritualists’ National Union will be held at the Barbanell Centre on Saturday 17th October. Exact timings to be confirmed.

A formal notice and agenda will be circulated in due course, together with a new booking form. The NEC has agreed that the meeting will conclude in one day; there will be no charge to attend the AGM and refreshments and lunch will be provided to everyone in attendance at no cost to the delegates. Anyone requiring accommodation can book via the Barbanell Centre when the booking form is circulated; accommodation and travel expenses to attend the meeting will still be the responsibility of the delegate or the body whom they represent.

The whole timetable for voting, elections and the submission of motions will be moved forward by three months and this will be published in due course.

All nominations made for both the first and second tranche of nominations will stand and there will be no need to re-run the nominations process. The current NEC will remain in office until the close of the AGM on 17th October.

Should the lockdown continue for a long period the Union will take the necessary action to validate credential cards issued for the 2019 electoral year should a Church have been unable to hold its AGM, which will mean their delegates can still attend the meeting and represent the body that has delegated them.

It is hoped that by October it will be possible to hold a physical meeting of members; however, the NEC will keep this situation under review and if it becomes likely that we are unable to hold the meeting in October we will make application to the regulatory authorities to move beyond the provisions of our Memorandum and Articles. We will of course work hard to ensure that members are kept fully informed of developments as decisions are made.

Following the changes to the AGM the planned Ministers Congress which was due to take place on the 17th October will be rescheduled
and this will be communicated with the Ministry as soon as MAC have agreed the arrangements.