Photograph of Emma Hardinge-BrittenEmma Floyd was born on 2nd May 1823 and died on 2nd October 1899. In August 1855 she went to America to work as an actress at the Broadway Theatre.

The following year Emma began her development as a medium, holding public seances and giving music lessons in the rooms of the 'Society for the Diffusion of Spiritual Knowledge' in New York.

On 5th July 1857 Emma gave her debut lecture at Troy, New York. Her platform trance work followed. Emma became a prolific writer, producing valuable histories of the early Spiritualist movement. On 11th October 1870 she married William Britten.

On 30th April 1871, at Cleveland Hall, London, Emma delivered a lecture to a packed audience and during this lecture she dleivered the basis of the Seven Principles. Later modified, they became an integral part of the constitution of the Spiritualists' National Union.

Emma toured and lectured over the United States and Canada and in 1878 toured Australia and New Zealand.

In 1887 she co-founded the'Two Worlds' journal, which she edited for five years.

She also co-wrote the British Lyceum Manual with H.A. Kersey and Alfred Kitson.

Following marriage, she was later known as Emma Hardinge Britten.