The Education Committee is responsible for the administration of the Union's educational programme.

It's duties and functions include considering and reporting on thesis submitted for the Fellowship, recommending suitable persons for appointment as Assessors for Thesis and as Hononary Expert Advisers, arranging correspondence courses and group study to prepare students for courses on subjects of general interest to Spiritualists, prescribing the syllabus and fees for such courses, appointing and revoking the appointment of organisers, tutors and assessors, formulating, revising and publishing from time to time the education syllabus of the Union, and having responsibility for education publications.

All communications for the committee should be addressed to the Secretary.

The Members of the Education Committee are as follows:

Chairman Minister Jenny Peacock

Tel: 01279 816363

Email: [email protected]

Vice-Chairman Mr Richard Cuthbert OSNU

Tel: 07977 825402

Email: [email protected]

Secretary Miss Christine Thompson CSNU

Tel: 0113 286 6931

Email: [email protected]

Committee Member Mrs Patricia Seymour OSNU

Tel: 0208 405 18985

Email: [email protected]

Committee Member Mrs Helen Taylor OSNU

Tel: 01253 355652

Email: [email protected]

Consultant Mrs Jane Barton

Tel: 01454 850571

Email: [email protected]