Born Cora Linn Victoria Scott on 21st April 1840 and passed to spirit on 3rd January 1923. At the age of eleven her mediumship developed spontaneously, commencing with controlled writing delivering messages from family and friends.

Further development was rapid and she began to deliver messages in a low guttural voice, this was soon followed by platform appearances.

Cora had a deceased German physician working with her for about four years, during which period many remarkable cures were made. This appears to be the earliest record of trance control healing.

At fifteen she began her spiritual teaching before large audiences. With twelve spirits providing the knowledge, she would speak on scientific, philosophical, historical, political and other topics as the occasion demanded.

In 1854 she was tested by Professor Mapes, being challenged to speak on the subject of ‘primary rocks’. This was regarded as the ‘test of test’ by the spirit world. After the lecture Mapes said, “I stand here this afternoon dumb before this young girl.”

In 1873 Cora started a two-year tour of the UK, demonstrating in almost every city.

It was said of her: “Her silver-tongued oratory has never been equalled, her clear demonstration of trance has never been matched.”

She is commonly known as Cora L. V. Richmond owing to her having four surnames during her career: Scott, Hatch, Tappan and Richmond.