H1 Course Notes  | A  Foundation in Spiritual Healing

This course is part of the Healing Accreditation Scheme (HAS), through which you can train to be an SNU Spiritualist Healing Medium. The aim of the H1 course is to provide SNU Trainee Healing Mediums with a basic understanding of Spiritualist healing within the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) and the law that governs the practice of it in the United Kingdom. By the end of this course you will understand: the development of a healing medium; the different forms of healing; what is meant by the term ‘Spiritualist Healing Medium’; the philosophy and structure of the SNU.

Spiritualist healing is defined by the SNU as being:

"A form of healing by the use of forces and energies from the world of spirit channelled through the healing medium by the laying of hands on the body or prayer or the direction of thought from a distance."

All new layout with simplified sections, making it easier for you to learn.  


Includes imagery and quotes from selected pioneers of SNU Healing.


Each Section is broken down into clear to read paragraphs,

includes a series of questions at the end of each section.

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