Born in 1855 in West Yorkshire and passed to spirit in 1934. Alfred Kitson was one of Spiritualism’s early pioneers.

He was convinced that the Spiritualist religion could help mankind and he devoted his efforts to educating children within Spiritualism. He became known as ‘Daddy Kitson’ within the Lyceum movement.

Following his passing to spirit in January 1934 he subsequently materialised through the mediumship of Minnie Harrison on 22nd March 1947. During his visit at the séance he gave information that no one who was present knew about but was later confirmed as being correct.

It was known that Kitson and a close friend, George Mack, had agreed upon a prearranged message to be given by whoever died first. Following his materialisation the message was given and confirmed as correct.

Should you discover that a child is exhibiting natural mediumistic tendencies it is important that he, on the one hand, be taught not to fear it but also, on the other hand, be permitted to have a normal childhood and not be pushed too early into development.

A child’s mind is very impressionable; before being allowed to be influenced by a spirit personality it is important that they should develop their own personality first.