Government Announcement 

Following recent announcements by the UK Government and the devolved authorities for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and with the lifting of the majority of Covid-19 restrictions the NEC has considered its position of allowing Spiritualist Healing Mediums to return to the practice of contact healing within their practice. 

Staying Safe

It has been agreed that from 1st September 2021, that registered SNU Healers will be able to provide contact healing on the understanding that they continue to use a face covering throughout the healing service and we reiterate the continued adherence to the protocol of hand sanitising both before and after each healing session with an individual patient. The Church or centre is also required to conduct a suitable risk assessment prior to the recommencement of Healing services where contact healing will be practiced.  Should healers not be comfortable providing contact healing due to personal reasons or on health grounds they are at liberty to continue to provide distant healing only, this is their choice. It is strongly recommended that when a patient attends a healing session they are asked which form of healing they prefer, contact or distant, as registered healing mediums have to be aware some people may still be nervous about direct human contact in which case distant healing should be provided.


Some Churches have approached the Union regarding the mandatory requirement for all healers to be vaccinated prior to returning to healing practice. Having consulted member organisations in the Healing Forum the NEC has agreed that we have no legal basis to insist on mandatory vaccination and as such Churches should not adopt this practice as it could potentially infringe members civil liberties.

Under Review

Like all guidance and advice relating to the pandemic the Union will keep matters under constant review and should the need arise to change this latest policy we will publish any update through our usual channels.