The Other Self CD - Gordon Higginson

The Other Self lectures were recorded at Stansted Hall on 25th October 1982 during ‘Friends Week’. “The Friends of Stansted Hall” was started in December 1969 by a small group of people, with Gordon Higginson as Chairman; this group provided a much-needed pool of voluntary workers to defray the costs of maintaining the then threatened Stansted Hall. During Gordon’s early work in the movement he worked only as a demonstrator, later becoming a speaker, and had a fuller involvement within the Union.

In July 1970 he became the SNU’s longest-serving President until his death while still in office on January 18th 1993. Gordon was well-known for conducting large public meetings, working in the largest halls in the UK, including on several occasions the Royal Albert Hall; Gordon also demonstrated physical mediumship as well as its rarest form, materialisation. 

In these lectures Gordon Higginson speaks of Spiritualist Philosophy, Trance Mediumship, Spirit Guides and more, combined with many humorous stories delivered in Gordon’s unforgettable manner. 


1. Lecture one 46.40 

2. Lecture two 46.34 

3. Lecture three 32.24 

* Please note this is the 2018 reissue of the Other Self Lectures on CD, the previous version is now discontinued.