SNU TODAY Magazine February 2022

This Issue

In our first edition of your magazine this year, we take a deeper look into Spiritualist life, and just some of the incredible work that has been taking place – often behind the scenes. There is no doubt that Spiritualists work incredibly hard to ensure its potential is open to as many people as possible. We take a look at some of the activities and events that have been taking place, whether online or on the ground. 

We often look back to the lives of our Pioneers for inspiration, and I wonder if the Spiritualists of 2122 will look back on the history that we’re making today? Despite the most difficult of conditions, there are so may examples of a determination to adapt and evolve while still remaining true to our religion’s values and what they mean as they evolve in today’s changing world.

You’ll find stories about community and connection, and how the way in which we care for each other has the capacity to change lives. Spiritualism is a community which exists within many wider communities, and the interaction between the two demonstrates our values. You’ll also find articles that explore diversity, reminding us that we are the custodians of our religion, and the ones to welcome others into our community. I’ve looked far and wide to find the pieces in this issue, and hope they provide an equally wide view.

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