LM1 Church Leadership & Management

Leadership & Management Course

The services we hold in our Churches and online are often the first introduction many people have to the religion of Spiritualism. It is therefore of the utmost importance that churches have good leadership and management. In this course any reference to church will include all SNU Affiliated Bodies such as Pioneer Centres and Kindred Bodies. This course is designed to help those who are involved in the running of churches to understand their role and responsibilities. Good leadership and management creates and builds a successful church. 

If you have already completed the Teachings and Practice of Spiritualism course (TPS1) or Spiritualist Healing course (SH1) you are exempted from sections one and two test papers in this course, however, you should read them as they are referenced in the practical training for CAS. You should advise your tutor of this and if you are on the Church Accreditation Scheme (CAS) enter the marks which you received for each section into your logbook.


Overall Aim 

The aim of LM1 is to enable students to understand how a SNU church depends on good leadership and management to be successful and to prepare students to take an active part in that organisation and structure.


Structure of the Course

This course is made up of eight sections each of which have learning objectives that will be the focus for the questions at the end of each section.


Guidelines for Students

Learning is enjoyable! This course opens the door to greater knowledge and helps each individual to improve their understanding of how successful SNU churches are managed and are an essential part of the community where they are located.



Please note: To enrol onto the course with a tutor please follow this link https://www.snu.org.uk/forms/enrolment-form , you can purchase these course notes for reference but this will not automatically enrol you onto the course.


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