Hymn book (Hardback)

Hymn book 

A compact hard back bound hymn book featuring 420 hymns

Book Dimensions: (w) 10.5cm x (h) 14cm (d) 2cm

Hymns included in the book

Abide awhile, 0 soul of man

Abide with me!

Again we meet

Ah! truly death

A holy air

All around us

All as God wills

All common things

All for one

All men are brothers

All Nature

All people

All-seeing God!

All things beautiful

All things bright

And what though

Angels descend again

Angels from on high

Angels, our brothers

Arise, 0 man!

As pants the hart

As we part our prayer ascendeth

Assembled at.

Author of good

Author of life, of all that moves

Awake, my soul

Beautiful home

Be firm

Be happy, be happy, for bright is the earth.

Believe not

Bless, Lord, the happy

Bless, 0 Lord

Blest are the pure

Blest be the hour

Blest be the sacred

Blest be the tie

Blest spirits

Blow ye the trumpet

Break, new born year

Breathe on me

Brethren, awake

Bright days

Brightly shines

Brothers, will you

By each saving

Catch the sunshine

Cherish faith

Children's voices

City of God

Cold and cheerless

Come, gentle spirits

Come, let us join

Come, loving spirit

Come to the Father

Come, ye loving

Courage, brother

Death is the fading

Down the dark future

Each tiny leaf

Earth is waking

Eternal Father, by whose hand

Eternal Father, who art good

Eternal God

Eternal source

Eternal Spirit, God supreme

Eternal Spirit, source of all

Eternal Wisdom!

Everlasting! changing never

Far from mortal

Fast the time

Father! again

Father and Friend

Father! fill our souls

Father hear the prayer

Father. lead me

Father, let thy kingdom

Father, lover of my soul

Father of all!

Father of earth

Father, oh! hear me

Father! Thy wonders

Father! we look up

Fill thou my life

Floating on the breath

For all the blessings

For ever with the Lord

For the beauty

For the green spring

For those we love

Forth in Thy name

Forward press to conquer

Forward! the day

Fountain of living waters

Friends above hold

Friends never leave us

Friends of truth

From God's living, fruitful Tree

From realms supernal

From the holy land

From Thee all skill

Gentle twilight

Go bury thy sorrow

Go forth among the poor

Go forth, ye heralds

Go when the morning

God be with you till

God has sent us tears

God in each nature folds

God is a spirit

God is love; His mercy

God is love; let heaven

God moves in a mysterious

God of our fathers, hear

God of our fathers, in

God of the granite

God of the living

God of the universe

God speaks to us

God that madest

God we thank Thee

Gracious source

Gracious spirit! Dwell

Gracious Spirit, of Thy goodness

Grant us Thy peace

Great God, we sing

Guide us, truth

Hail! all hail!

Hail! great Creator

Hail! Nature's source

Hand in hand

Hark! Hark! from grove

Hark! Hark! my soul, angelic

Hark! Hark! my soul, thy Father's

Hark! my heart

Hark! the angel voices

Hark! the songs of angels

Hark! what mean

Hath not thy heart

He liveth long

He who seeks

Heaven is here

Heavenly Father

Here at thy grave

Here in Thy House, great Spirit of Light

Ho! ye exemplars

Holy ministers of light

Holy Spirit, kindly bless us

Holy Spirit! Power Divine

Holy Spirit, truth divine

Hope for the day is dawning

Hope's rainbow

How blest the sacred

How pure in heart

How sweet

Hush all the tones

Hush'd was the evening hymn

I ask not

I cannot always

I cannot find The

I hear the angels

If 'tis sweet

If we knew

If you have a kind word

Immortal love

In darker days

In Nature's opening

In sacred books

In the sky

In this place

It came upon the midnight

It is a truth

It is for us

It lies about us

Joy and pain

Joy-bells ringing

Kind Father!

Kind words

Knowledge its empire

Lead, kindly light

Let monumental pillars

Let superstition

Let the still air

Let there be peace

Let us with a gladsome

Li fc is onward

Li fc 's dearest gift

Life is the hour

Light after darkness

Light from tl1e spirit world

Listen to the angel message

Little words of kindness

Live for something

Lo! in the golden sky

Lo! the day of rest

Look up, 0 man

Lord! dismiss us

Lord, dismiss us

Lord God of morning

Lord, keep us safe

Lord of all being!

Lord of beauty

Lord of the everlasting

Lord of the wide

Lord, this infant

Loved ones live!

Loving Father!

Make channels

May the grace

Mighty Spirit

Millions within

Mom amid

My God, my Father

My heart was sad

My shepherd is

Nay, speak no ill

Nearer, my God (original)

Nearer, my God (revised)

New every morning

New wonders

No other creed

No power can die

Not on this day

Now in the tranquil

Now, Lord, this wedded pair

Now, Lord, we part

Now to heaven our prayer ascending

Now your pleasant

0 beautiful my country

0 brothers, sisters

0 call not this

0 come with us

O day of God

0 everlasting Iife

0 Father, bless us

0 Father, great eternal

0 give thanks

0 God by whom

O God of love

O God, our help

0 God, our light

0 God, whose will

0 gracious God

0 hours most sacred

0 let me strive

0 Lord my God

0 Lord of heaven

0 Lord of life

0 Love that wilt

0 praise our God

0 radiant sun

0 sacred presence

0 source di vine

0 spirit, freed from

0 sweetly sinks

0 Thou, our fathers' God

0 Thou, the great unknown

0 Thou, to whom

0 Thou, true life

0 Thou who art the source

0 Thou who dri'st

0 Thou, whose perfect goodness

0 Truth! thou art

0 worship the King

0 ye who dare not

O'er the earth

Of Thy love

Oft when of God

One and universal Father

One by one the sands

Onward, comrades

Open my eyes

Our day of praise

Our earth is green

Our Father, God eternal

Our Father God who art

Our Father God who art in Heaven

Our fathers were

Our God is love and all

Our God is love, and would

Part in peace

Peace be thine

Peace! the welcome sound

Praise for the glorious

Praise God, from whom

Praise God, from whom

Praise to Thee

Praise ye the Lord: 'tis good

Praise ye the Lord! ye heavens

Prayer is the soul's

Press on

Pure religion

Purer yet and purer

Put thou thy trust

Rejoice though storms

Reverent listen

Ring out the old

Say not they die

Scatter the seeds of the beautiful!

Shall loved ones

Shine on our lives

Silently the shades

Sing to the Lord

Sing ye your Father's

Slowly by God's hand

So sweetly on my tranquil thoughts Soft and low

Some call him Death whose hands efface Song of gladness

Souls of men

Sow in the morn

Spirit divine! attend

Spirits bright are ever nigh

Spirits come with us

Stand for the rights

Star of progress

Step forward dear friends

Still and silently

Still, still with thee

Summer suns

Sweet are the ties

Sweet is the prayer

Sweet spirits, hear us

Sweet star of hope

Tell me not in mournful

Tell me not my life

Ten thousand beauteous

The day Thou gavest

The dead are like

The friend so dear

The God of harvest praise

The heavens declare

The leaves of autumn

The Lord be with us

The Lord hath builded

The Lord is good

The Lord's my shepherd

The morning light

The outward world

The pure, the bright

The records of the olden time

The spacious firmament

The spirit world

The true voice

The turf shall be

The voice of an angel

The wise may bring

The wondrous world

The world hath felt

The world has much

There are lonely hearts to cherish

There is around us every hour

There is a book

There is a land mine eye

There is a land of pure

There is a state

There is no death-tell out

There is no death! the stars

There is no death! 'tis but

There is no pathway

There's a land

There's good in everything

There's not a bird

There's not a tint

There's nothing bright

These things shall be!

They are winging

They come at morn

They come, they come

They whose course

This child we dedicate

This gladsome life

This is the day of light

Thou art, 0 God

Thou grace divine

Thou great creative mind

Thou Great First Cause

Thou who art enthroned

Thou, Whose almighty word

Through al the changing

Through the night of doubt

Through the portals beaming

Thy name be hallowed

Thy presence, everlasting God

'Tis sweet to dwell on mem'ry 's shore

'Tis true; oh yes, I know 'tis true

To Thee, 0 God in heaven

To Thee, 0 heavenly Father

To Thee, the Lord Almighty

To wisdom, goodness, truth and love

Today we pay our homage to the fallen

Toiling on life's rugged highway

True sun, upon our souls arise

Truth is rising

Truth to the nations round

Unsought of us they found us

Walk in the light

We are sailing

We behold the revelation

We bless Thee for Thy peace, 0 God

We cannot think of them as dead

We do not die

We plough the fields and scatter

We pray no more

Welcome angels, pure and bright

Welcome loving spirits

Welcome to our world again

What purpose burns

What work thy hand

What's good and pure in any creed

When for me the silent oar

When in despondency's dark path

When in the busy haunts of men

When the hours of day are numbered

When the morn awakes in glory W

hen we hear the music ringing

While on this earth ye stay

While the flesh the soul encumbers

While Thee I seek

Whoever lost by giving

Whoever yearns to see aright

With one accord, ere we depart

With steady pace

With the sweet word of peace