On behalf of The Spiritualists’ National Union, its members and churches around the world, the Union stands in solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine at this difficult and dangerous time in their history. The philosophy of Spiritualism is built upon a strong belief that humanity need to live in peace with one another creating The Brotherhood of Man which unites the peoples of the world together as children of God - regardless of their race, culture, belief or ethnicity.

Any war, battle, conflict or dispute is only resolved when people with opposing views find a way to sit down together and talk to find a resolution, our hope is that talks will happen quickly to avoid any more needless bloodshed and killing of many innocent individuals on both sides whose lives are been destroyed during the current conflict. Our prayers of peace and healing are extended at this time in the sincere hope that a solution will be found and that peace may be restored to Europe.

Several SNU churches are working hard to raise funds to help the Ukrainian people, the Union is fully supportive of this initiative, subject of course to events being advertised as a fund raiser for the appeal which is a requirement of charity law.

Minister David R Bruton


Spiritualists’ National Union