"A one-stop shop for running an SNU Church"

Many Churches are put into support not because of any wrong doing but because the Committee members, for whatever reason, are inexperienced and need help to deal with the day-to-day responsibilities of running a Church.

Support Officers reported numerous topics where Churches had either lacked information or the knowledge of where to find it. In addition, the responses from the ‘Questionnaire for Churches’ pinpointed areas where clearer information was needed, for example Corporate Image and self-promotion. The result is the new Toolkit for Churches. 

Its publication was delayed owing to other responsibilities but I am really pleased to announce its arrival. It has been written with newly-appointed Committee members in mind but, hopefully, well-seasoned Committee members will also find something within it that they consider useful. It provides a ‘one-stop shop’ to find some of the basic information that a Church Committee needs to ensure the successful functioning of their Church. That said, whilst it includes a lot of information not available elsewhere, it should not be used in isolation and does not replace other documents, e.g. ‘Rules for Churches 2018’; it should be used in conjunction with these. A list of essential documents is included in the Toolkit, which details these other points of reference.

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The Toolkit includes a Calendar that details items a Church is required to fulfil annually and when these need addressing. Some things are prompted by reminder documents from Head Office but others (especially to newly-appointed Church Committees) are less obvious or may never have been dealt with previously. Also included is a ‘Useful Contact Numbers Section’. This has been populated with essential SNU telephone and email addresses.

There is also space for your Church essential contact numbers to be written in. The general Hints and Tips section includes a multitude of topics, all intended to support those starting the daunting journey of Church Committee work. We have tried to think of every possible need but no doubt someone will think of something extra that we should have included. Please let me know of any such items and we can include them in any future versions of the Toolkit.

Provision of funds is essential to ensure that Churches survive and these days, with escalating costs, freewill offerings from our congregations don’t always meet the need. To help with this a section on fundraising is included and deals with possible methods to use locally and information about fundraising from external trusts, etc it also includes further sources for reading. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse and two areas that Churches appear to have difficulty with are the playing of recorded music and the organisation of raffles. Basic information about both subjects is included.

Information about the SNU Trust is also provided (especially useful for anyone who has not dealt with the Trust previously) and details of the various SNU publications and items that are available from Head Office. We did say it was a ‘one-stop shop’! So that, in a nutshell, is the ‘Toolkit for Churches’. I hope that you will find it as useful and interesting as I have enjoyed putting it together. -Minister Alan Rawnsley

If you run an SNU Church or are a Church member please visit our Churches page, dedicated to helping you run your Church, let us know if there's anything you want to see added.

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