This page is aimed at providing information and updates for committees and teams that run SNU Churches and Centres, and to assist them in running safely and effectively once the lockdown has been lifted enabling places of worship to re-open. Please check this page regularly.

Church members and congregations should check with their church or centre when they will re-open and under what arrangements - this will reflect their different circumstances.

June 30th 2020: Printable posters to assist your preparations for reopening are now available to download at the foot of this page.

New specific guidance for places of worship opening after July 4th 2020 has now been released by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (England). You can read it here

June 29th 2020: Today the government in Northern Ireland has stated (here) that "Religious services can resume in places of worship from Monday 29 June." #NorthernIreland

June 28th 2020: Below, as advised to participants, is the recording of the Zoom meeting for Presidents (or nominated representatives) of SNU Churches and Centres. It contains a discussion / Q&A of issues of concern to committees as they face the challenges of reopening their buildings after lockdown. It is posted here as an aide-memoire and as a catch-up for those unable to attend. In the rapidly changing environment, please be mindful of any changes to guidance going forward.

June 24th 2020: The Scottish government have today published new guidance which says that a date will be set for the opening of places of worship in Scotland in their July 9th 2020 review, stating this date is "unlikely to be before 23rd July." This will be part of their Phase 3 and they state that after the (yet to be decided) date, "Places of worship can re-open for congregational services, communal prayer and contemplation with physical distancing and limited numbers." Updates from the Union for our Scottish churches and centres will be posted on this page. #Scotland

June 24th 2020: Following the government’s announcement that places of worship may re-open for services from July 4th 2020 (England only) we are currently examining official guidance released today to determine what this means in practice for SNU churches and centres. This will follow shortly, and be posted on this page. #England

June 16th 2020: A copy of the booklet "Unlocking Our Future" containing information and guidance for churches and centres re-opening is being mailed to every SNU Church President. They have been advised to discuss this with their committees, and to assist we have provided an electronic copy of the booklet below, and a text-only version (for those who wish to print / change the font size etc.) Presidents have also been provided with joining details for an online SNU Zoom meeting for them or a committee representative. This will take place soon, and we will discuss re-opening and answer any questions that arise.



Church Committee members / Pioneer Centre teams can contact us for support in the usual way.

Coronavirus Signage 

Click and Download our SNU branded signage to display in your Church or Centre, reminding your congregation to keep best practice regarding social distancing and hygiene.

Individual Posters include: 

Keep Your Distance 

Wash Your Hands

Clean & Disinfect

Face Masks

Cover Coughs & Sneezes

Avoid Handshakes

Sanitize Your Hands

To download them all in PDF format please click here