Church Annual General Meetings (AGMs) for 2020...

At the Spiritualists’ National Union’s 118th Annual General Meeting on Saturday 17th October, I announced on behalf of the National Executive Committee a way forward for Churches who have been unable to hold their AGM’s for 2020. 

The National Executive Committee have granted special dispensation for SNU Churches, who have been unable to hold their AGM this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Churches will be able to hold this together with their 2021 AGM. The conditions to this dispensation are as follows:


  • Two sets of accounts are reviewed and passed by members at the 2021 AGM.(2019 and 2020)
  • The current Committee remains in situ until the close of the 2021 AGM.
  • The nomination process be re-run for 2021 in accordance with Rules for Churches (Nominations made in 2020 will no longer stand).
  • Part 2 Church Returns for 2020 are completed to the best of your ability and submitted to Head Office.
  • It is the Churches responsibility to contact the Charity Commission (for England and Wales) or OSCR (for Scotland) and update them on the Churches position, you will most likely be asked to complete the annual return with completed accounts that have been authorised by your Committee but please confirm this with them directly.
  • All rules around AGM in Rules for Churches must be adhered to as is normal practice.
  • All Churches wishing to take advantage of this dispensation must inform the Chief Administrative Office, Mrs Sadia Bowering at [email protected]


For Churches that still wish to hold their 2020 AGM ahead of their 2021 AGM, please only proceed if you feel it is safe to do so and in accordance with government guidelines. Unfortunately, Churches cannot conduct an AGM online as there is no provision for this within the Rules for Churches.

If you require any further assistance on the above or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact Head Office on 01279 816363.

Sadia Bowering - Chief Administrative Officer

Collection of church membership fees: Please also note this update... The NEC has moved to give a dispensation for all Churches within the Union to in future receive subscriptions renewals either via cheque or via electronic banking means. Churches may now encouraged members to maintain their membership through sending a cheque to the church, or via a bank transfer.