Launching on May 1st 2021, LM1 Church Leadership and Management is a brand new course, written with the environment that churches operate in today. From the benefits of serving the local community to promoting the church through social media (and much more!), LM1 provides a solid and comprehensive grounding in the key aspects in running a successful Spiritualist church. It's written with Church Committees, Church Members and workers in mind. It is also a fantastic resource for prospective volunteers and Committee Members who are thinking about stepping forward, helping them to hit the ground running.

Here's what we're doing to make LM1 accessible to you:

  • We'll give you a digital copy of the course notes, free of charge.
  • We'll allocate you a tutor and you'll receive a mark for completing the course for £5.
  • We'll enrol you on CAS (Church Administration Scheme) and you can make LM1 count towards your accreditation, for just £10.

What to expect:

  • An exciting new course for all Church Members to illustrate how important their church is in their community.
  • Lots of examples of how members can really be an important part of their church and its activities both within its building and through its interaction with other groups in the community where it is based.
  • An exploration of how the Members are the Church and what are the responsibilities of Church Membership.
  • Explanations in simple terms the roles of the Church Committee members.
  • Discussion of what activities should be taking place within the church and also what aspects of the church activities can be promoted within other groups in its community.
  • Simple information on how to promote their church via the various forms of media outlets available.

Here's an interview with Minister Judith Seaman talking about some of the benefits of LM1!

The offer for LM1 is available until September 31st 2021, and comes at a critical time for churches as they emerge from a lengthy lockdown period. What better time to deepen your understanding of church life, and support Spiritualism into the future. Get in touch with head office to register for a free copy of the course notes, or click here to enrol onto the LM1 & CAS course with a tutor.

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