A hundred and seventy-one years ago in Hydesville, New York State, a new movement was born, a new truth was shared, lives were inspired and the beauty of the religion of Spiritualism blossomed in our world.

The 31st of March has always been such a special day for Spiritualists, and on this hundred and seventy-first anniversary, I would like to send each and every one of you my best wishes. Celebrate together the message, the truth, and the reality of the spirit.  And in doing so, share that in all aspects of your lived experience.  That is the transformational power of Spiritualism, the power that touches many lives.  And on this auspicious anniversary let us send out a thought, a prayer of peace and love into our world that touches the lives of not just our community but of every soul we share this planet with, and of course, beyond to the realms of the Spirit.

Happy Hydesville Day!

Minister David Bruton