The Spiritualists’ National Union has seen the deep unrest that has grown in America since the unjust killing of George Floyd. The philosophy of Spiritualism teaches that all life has equal value whoever we are, but it is not reflected in the experience of too many people around the world. Too many who have their basic rights and respect swept away by privilege and prejudice. As a religion, we cannot accept this is how it should be. Too many societal structures, attitudes and behaviours stand in the way of the equality that God intended for us. It is for this reason that the Black Lives Matter movement is so important in pushing for change in societal structures that persistently and profoundly affect the lives of black people and other marginalised and oppressed groups. The tragic ending of George Floyd’s life signals another life lost to the abhorrence of racism. It must stop.

We urge all of our churches and centres to support anti-racist action, encouraging their congregations to challenge racism and prejudice wherever they find it, and educate themselves and others on how they can actively eradicate racism and prejudice within society. The power of our philosophy, when transformed into action, has the potential to change society. Its power lies dormant until transformed from knowledge into action. We may not be able to change the uncomfortable past that has brought us all here, but we are in control of what happens next. We cannot ignore our personal responsibility, one of our core principles, to think and act in ways that will dismantle oppression and build societies where black lives do matter, and the privilege of some is transformed into equality and justice for all.

As a religion, it is now our pledge to consciously examine all that we do, and strive to actively contribute to the end of social injustice in a peaceful society.