Minister David Hopkins is presented with the SNU Diamond Service Award to mark sixty years of service to Spiritualism at the Inter Faith Network Faith Communities Forum.

The presentation of the award was made just before an IFN Faith Communities Forum Meeting in May and it was presented by Minister David Bruton, President of the SNU. The co-moderators of the Faith Communities Forum, The Rt. Revd. Richard Atkinson OBE and Malcolm Deboo (pictured) joined in the congratulations for David on this very special occasion.

Minister David Hopkins receives his Diamond Award for long service

Born into a Spiritualist family, David was involved with many well-known Spiritualists of the late 1940s, and the ‘50s and ‘60s from an early age, whilst still in junior school. His parents were closely linked with the South Wales Summer School, which attracted the leading speakers and mediums of the day. John and Edna took young David to his first SNU AGM in Gateshead in 1950, though his interest was somewhat limited! He became a regular attendee at such meetings. At the age of 13, following a move of house by his parents, he started his involvement with the Lyceum Union, a branch of the SNU, then, at the age of 18, in 1959, he was able to join the Union as an individual (Class B) member.

At the age of 21, David was elected to the SLU Central Committee, serving on it for eleven years, three as Vice-President and three as President. Following his departure from the Committee he was made an Honorary Vice-President of the SLU.

David served a total of eleven years in the top tier of the Union, two two-year terms on the National Council prior to the adoption of the ‘three-tier’ system and terms of four and three years on the National Executive Committee, the longer term when he was Chair of the Education and Exponents Committee. He also served on the National Council in its present form for several periods, part of the time representing the Council on the NEC.

He served on four of the Union’s District Councils: South Wales, London, West London (where he was Vice-President under President Robin Stevens) and South-West, where he served for many years including two terms as President. David was later made an Honorary Vice-President of the DC.  He was a member of the International Spiritualist Federation for over forty years, serving on its Executive for many years.

David also made his voice heard at national level; his contribution to annual conferences as ‘Hopkins Class B’ was almost legendary and he often spoke out to hold the executive to account. Under the Presidency of Minister Duncan Gascoyne, he was invited by Minister Barry Oates to join a newly-formed committee, which later became the Philosophy and Ethics Committee. In collaboration with Barry and Officiant Carole Austin, they wrote ‘Philosophy of Spiritualism’ (2007) and ‘Religion of Spiritualism’ (2010), the first of which was to become the Union’s most successful publication and is used within its Education courses and issued to every member joining the Union.

David was ordained as a Minister of the Union in 1995, following in the footsteps of his father, and, as far as the Union is aware, he is unique in the SNU through having two generations of one family both ordained to the Ministry.

David has always been a strong Lyceumist and was appointed Honorary Vice-President of the Spiritualists' Lyceum Union in 2018. He has served twice on the National Executive Committee, the last time being in 2008/09, when he was the Council Representative to the NEC. He worked closely with Gordon Higginson, Robin Stevens, Ron Baker and others and was on friendly terms with Coral Polge, Queenie Nixon, Bertha Harris, many SNU Presidents and many more outstanding mediums and speakers over a seventy-year period.

At an age when many people would choose to take retirement and put their feet up, David is having none of this: he writes a regular column in Psychic News and is often called upon to undertake media interviews, which he does so well. He was also appointed Inter Faith Ambassador when the SNU joined the Interfaith Network and went on to be elected to the main board of IFN, serving as a Trustee for three years. He also works passionately for LUPUS UK after his wife was diagnosed with the condition some years ago. He is chair of the charity in his region and also sits on its national board as secretary. Where does he get his energy from?

To find out more about Lupus and Davids work for the charity please click here

David is without doubt a true Spiritualist and his knowledge and experience in the movement are well respected by the many with whom he works to promote and progress our movement in the modern age.

You can see Minister Hopkins speaking about Spiritualism and spirituality on The Moore Show.