Update: April 2020 (Re: Listening Ear Service)

Members of the SNU Ministry have volunteered to create a listening service for Spiritualists within the Union who may be experiencing stress during the Coronavirus pandemic, and to provide a listening ear to help alleviate this. Find out what is available here.

Update: April 2020 (Re: Head Office)

Following Government instruction and to minimise staff exposure to the Covid-19 virus Redwoods Head Office is currently closed. Staff members are working remotely. You can still contact us with your queries and speak to relevant departments as usual.

All online orders will still be processed and dispatched as usual please note there may be possible delays in the postal service.

Update: March 25th 2020 (Re: Churches)

Statement to Churches (replaces March 24th Update)

Following the developing situation and the latest advice from the Government the SNU directs that all Churches that have not already done so should close with immediate effect.

Following consultation with our Insurance Brokers the following article is provided to support Church committees in safeguarding their Churches. 

  • All tanks and pipes must be drained down and all taps, stopcocks and mains supply valves turned off.  If this is not possible, because you need to maintain a central heating system, a minimum temperature of 7°C must be maintained within the property at all times.
  • Gas supplies must be switched off unless to maintain a central heating system as above
  • Electricity supplies must be switched off unless to maintain a central heating system as above or existing intruder alarm systems, fire protection systems, CCTV, security lighting or sprinkler systems.
  • All existing physical devices for securing, or preventing access to, the buildings must be kept in full and effective operation at all times and to have all keys removed from the locks and kept in a secure place away from the premises.The Church building should be visited by a member of the Committee at least once a week just to ensure the safety and security of the property.

With this in mind we would advise, where you are able, to do so safely and within the current Government guidelines.

We recognise that you may not be able to complete all of the items listed above, either partially or in their entirety but we would encourage you to consider anything you can do, to reduce the risk of damage or loss, particularly through escaping water from heating systems and security of the premises generally. Your cooperation during this difficult time is very much appreciated.

The insurers will revise their advice to Churches at the end of June and further updates will be provided via the SNU website.

 Additional SNU advice:

  • Keep communicating with your congregation either by social media or other channels to keep them informed of developments and when the Church is likely to be re-opened for worship.
  • With the closure of Churches SNUi is currently extending its online services of worship which can be accessed via the internet without membership or password protection. These will be promoted via the usual media channels.
  • Maintain Absent Healing times when Healers will sit at home and send out absent healing, this demonstrates a duty of care to our congregations and patients who will not be able to access your healing service.
  • Many Churches may not have yet held their AGM. Whilst there is a legal requirement to hold these meetings they can be deferred past the end of April with dispensation from the Union. The NEC will discuss the granting of a blanket exemption from dispensation for all Churches to avoid the need for individual applications at its April Meeting but the current committee remain in office until the AGM has been held which could be some months off.
  • SNUT has written to all Churches who have loans and they are happy to provide financial support to Trust members in difficulty because of the close down. Churches should contact the SNUT directly on 01279 814158
  • Head Office will remain open as long as possible, though some staff may be required to work from home so you can continue to contact the office if you need further guidance or support in any matter pertaining to the Church or the Union.
  • The Union is well aware that many District councils have not been able to hold their AGMs and again this matter will be addressed at the April NEC meeting.
  • Keep your officers and committee appraised of changes and developments by checking the SNU Website: snu.org.uk or SNU social media channels. Should Government advice change we will do our utmost to communicate this with all of the Churches. 

Above all keep safe and be aware of vulnerable members of your local community who might need help and support at this difficult time.

Minister David R Bruton


Spiritualists’ National Union

24th March 2020


Latest Government information here: https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response

NHS information here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Update: March 25th 2020 (Re: Final Assessment Boards)

During this time of great difficulty with all of our churches closed, all final assessment boards through to the end of May have now been cancelled.

For those who were due to be assessed for PAS or CSNU for speaking and demonstrating the Education & Exponents committee is organising online assessments. If you were booked on a board during this time you should be contacted by SNU head office.

Unfortunately it will not be possible to assess for healing awards and we ask for your patience if you find your board cancelled. We will endeavour to get you to a board as soon as possible when churches reopen.

Minister Steven Upton

Education & Exponents Director

Spiritualists' National Union

Please note that periods for completion for HAS, CAAS and PAS have been extended for 6 months.

Update: March 20th 2020 (Re: Churches & Communications)

A new specialist Private Group has been set up on Facebook specifically for those with leadership roles in SNU Churches (e.g. committee, key volunteers) and District Councils. It is a focused group to help churches communicate with their congregations, and adapt to online activity during the period when churches are closed. Find it at SNU Churches Covid Response. All others are very welcome to visit our usual page, which will contain updates as they are released. Find it here: https://www.facebook.com/thespiritualistsnationalunion/ (@SpiritualistSNU)