The Platform Accreditation Scheme (PAS) gives practical training and assessment to speakers and demonstrators of spirit communication within the SNU.

The Platform Accreditation Scheme (PAS) is not an award but is necessary for a candidate who wishes to progress through to the Speaking and Demonstrating awards. Platform Accreditation is a continuous assessment scheme. A candidate must complete 25 church or online services, as well as nine sections covering nineteen subjects, the candidate must complete these subjects by gathering evidence of competence against the criteria laid down in their logbook. A candidate can carry out training within their District Council (DC), at sessions arranged by the DC Education Committee, through Education & Exponents Committee-approved trainers located in various churches and localities, or at the Barbanell Centre in Stafford. A candidate must complete the training programme within three years.

Before applying for the final assessment, a candidate must have completed the TPS1 Education Course TPS1 (or the SD1 if completed after 31 Dec 18) and the appropriate training, the Final Assessment is arranged by EEcom. For both Speaking and Demonstrating a candidate must complete a private interview and an oral test of 10 questions based on the content of course TPS1 and knowledge of the SNU, give an address of not less than 10 minutes or a demonstration of evidential communication consisting of two separate recipients, and give a prayer suitable for a Spiritualist service.

Should a candidate pass the demonstrating accreditation but fail the speaking accreditation, the demonstrating accreditation will remain pending subject to the candidate gaining a pass in speaking accreditation at a later date.   

PAS(s) PAS(sd)
Registration Fee £110.00 £180.00
Final Assessment Fee £36.00 £72.00

The TPS1 course is included in the price of the PAS.

Before applying for the PAS, all candidates must have either a church membership or an Individual Membership with the SNU.