Course Costs

SNU Individual, SNUi & Church Members With Printed notes £40.00
With PDF notes £25.00
NON Members With Printed notes £50.00
With PDF notes £35.00

SH1 - Spiritualist Healing

This course is the accreditation level academic element of the Healing Accreditation Scheme (HAS). It is the starting point for all healing mediums. If this course is studied as a stand-alone course it remains valid for five years from date of completion for entry to HAS. The course has the following nine sections:

  1. The History of Modern Spiritualism and the Development of the SNU.
  2. The Teachings of Spiritualism.
  3. Responsibilities of a Spiritualist Healing Medium.
  4. Healing Potential.
  5. Attunement and Holistic Potential.
  6. Healing Accreditation Scheme.
  7. Healing Code of Conduct.
  8. The Spiritualists' National Union.
  9. Trance Healing, Anatomy and Physiology.

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