Course Costs

SNU Individual, SNUi & Church Members With Printed notes £40.00
Without printed notes £25.00
NON Members With printed notes £50.00
Without printed notes £35.00

G1 - Basic Administration

A must for all church administrators. The course deals with all areas of Church work, including the constitutional, social and promotional aspects. 

Subjects covered in this course are a Brief History of Spiritualism; Spiritualists’ National Union; SNU Committees District Councils and Branches of the SNU; Church Administration; SNU Church Activities; Church Activities and The Law. There are 22 questions to complete the Test Papers which are based on the headings listed for this course they are to be completed in essay form. Two questions have two parts and one has three but the word count covers the answers to these questions jointly not separately.


MD1 - Ministerial Duties

A course designed to assist those who conduct official ceremonies such as namings, weddings, funerals and other Ministerial duties.