DSNU(H) - Healing

A candidate must hold the CSNU(h), have successfully completed the SH1 & H3 Education courses and have acted either as a Healing Group Leader or supervisor for at least one year or gained the CSNU(t) in Spiritualist Healing.

The Final Assessment is arranged by the Education & Exponents Committee, which will include an interview, an oral test of 10 questions based on the 'Healing Code of Conduct’, the courses taken and knowledge of the Spiritualists' National Union. A candidate will be asked to lead an absent healing session of not more than five minutes and give healing to two patients (one by contact healing and one by distant healing), to last no more than 20 minutes. A candidate will also be asked to give a talk about Spiritualist Healing suitable for an audience such as medical professionals or other types of complementary therapists (20 minutes).

Registration Fee: £40.00

Final Assessment Fee: £40.00