The Chairing and Administration Accreditation Scheme (CAAS), has been developed to help people who want to serve or are already serving on a church committee. For several years there has been a desire by Churches to see a higher standard of Chairmanship on our platforms, also for our members and Committee members to have a better understanding of how churches are run. The Chairing and Administration Accreditation Scheme is specifically aimed at those who aspire to be Committee members and Chairman within their churches.

The Exponents Committee has devised this course to prepare and train those who wish to chair services or be committee members and in turn, promote high standards of chairing and administration within our churches.
The Exponents Committee invite you to improve on your administration and chairing skills by joining the Chairing and Administration Accreditation Scheme. The criterion for the accreditation consists of the following:-

  1. 15 Chairman’s duties must be signed off in your logbook
  2. The trainee must be a full member of an SNU Church or an Individual Member, before they can be accepted onto the scheme
  3. You must complete the eight units contained within the logbook
  4. All trainees will need to complete the SNU G1 education Course
  5. You will need to have the log-book signed by an approved person from the Church after each service: This will be the President or other Committee member of the Church.
  6. You will be required to pass a Final Assessment this will be carried out by the Exponents Committee.

Upon successful completion of the course your name will be placed on the SNU website as an accredited Administrator. You will also receive a credential card and completion letter.

Registration Fee: 20.00

Final Assessment Fee: £36.00