CSNU (g) - General Administration
A Certificate holder must pass the minimum SNU education course requirement,
show practical ability, and pass Assessment for General SNU Administration.
Minimum SNU Education requirements, G1 & G2

CSNU (t) - Teacher
To enrol and successfully pass the Teacher Training Course candidates must be
SNU Certificate holders and demonstrate practical abilities in their chosen subject.
Applicants for the CSNUt in administration must have CSNUg
Applicants for CSNUt in healing must have CSNUh
Applicants for CSNUtin speaking must have CSNUs
Applicants for CSNUt in demonstrating must have CSNUd
New CSNUt holders in speaking or demonstrating will be required to teach PAS
review sessions on SNUi.
Please note - The Teacher Training Scheme is open to anyone who is already
running groups or classes within the SNU and meets the required criteria.
Candidates are required to attend two weekends in year one and two weekends in
year two at AFC Stafford. At the end of the two years training period candidates who
have completed the course to the required standard will receive a letter of