CSNU (h) - Healing

Before applying for this award a candidate must be a Registered Accredited Healing Medium, have completed the H2 Education course and have delivered a 30-minute session at two DC Training Days.

The Final Assessment Board is arranged by the Education & Exponents Committee, which will include an interview and an oral test of 10 questions based on the courses taken and knowledge of the Spiritualists' National Union. A candidate will be asked to carry out a prayer suitable for a Healing Service and give healing to two patients (one by contact healing and one by distant healing), to last no more than 20 minutes. A candidate is also to talk to a new Trainee Healing Medium about basic healing techniques from initial contact to completion (15 minutes).

Previous study required: Accredited Healing Medium, SH1 course , H2 course and delivered a 30 minute session at two DC review sessions.

Registration Fee: £50.00

Final Assessment Fee: £40.00