We thank you!

Without the countless volunteering hours given every single week of the year, Spiritualism could not happen on the scale that it does. Committees at church, centre, district and national levels work because of the freely given time, energy and skills that are required. We then have the many chairpeople, healing mediums, speakers, demonstrators, caterers, decorators, cleaners, greeters, circle leaders and so on... all giving their time to enable Spiritualism to be alive in our communities. For many of us, it can be a steep learning curve, but our love for God and spirit is always a powerful motivator.


Volunteers week online

As Volunteers’ Week approaches, the official website www.volunteersweek.org starts to gear up with new ideas and downloads. It’s also possible that volunteering events will take place in your nearest town or city.

A quick search for your local CVS (Council for Voluntary Service) organisation will help to connect you with this and maybe identify an opportunity for a church or centre to be involved alongside other organisations, help to raise awareness of Spiritualism and make new connections in the process.


Thinking of volunteering?

If you are thinking of volunteering within Spiritualism and know what time and skills you would like to give – don’t
wait, offer them! It’s an effective way
of strengthening skills and building confidence. The bigger picture of our religion is stitched together by all of us and would be incomplete without all our efforts. Volunteering does make a difference, whatever the task may be, because it enables the presence of spirit to be present within our communities through the action of service.

It was Mother Theresa who said, “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.”

If you are already a volunteer in any capacity... then thank you! We think you’re amazing! During Volunteers’ Week we will be sharing volunteer stories and pictures through our social media channels – we’d like to hear about your experiences to inspire others.


Tell us!

Get in touch with our Chair, Joy Clark [email protected]. And if you need any support in getting a volunteering event together, we’ll happily volunteer our time to support you in your planning!